America’s Beauty Show Was The Place to be in March


America’s Beauty Show is for licensed professionals and students which showcased some new and innovative things happening in the world of beauty, nails, hair, face & body!! It was a great time for all who attended and an opportunity to meet with representatives from various product lines and see new products, new techniques, and new ways to sharpen their skills. There were tools of the trade presented, stylist showing new hair cutting techniques, nail technicians showing inventive ways to create nail art for their customers, and a hair show presented by several companies. One of the best features for the students were the classes they were able to attend and receive continuing education credits to sharpen their skills as well as the seasoned professional who perhaps wanted to enhance their skill set.

The hair product lines were plentiful although there was a lack of diversity of hair care lines for women of color who no longer use relaxers, however, the representatives from Bronner Brothers and Mizani definitely showed up and showed out with their wonderful hair care lines. Next year, hopefully, there will be a more diverse representation. Overall, the hair care lines that did participate offered many samples so others can try products they may have never heard of or used before. The nail techniques that were shown were definitely fun and fascinating to see what new products were out and how a nail salon can go from blah to fabulous!! There were demonstrations for nail technicians to learn new ways of creating nail art for their customers. It was a delight to see all the fresh ideas from other technicians from around the Midwest and other parts of the U.S. who participated.

The Face and Body Spa Conference & Expo was a delightful treat for those who attended as well. This area covered new product lines for spa and wellness centers along with showing new product lines from as far away as Australia. There were demonstrations on new skin and body machines, skin care lines that were new to the market to help heal the skin that has been injured, going through a renewal process, or in the need of rejuvenation. This was a wonderful time to meet and greet others in the spa wellness industry and network with one another. Also, the demonstrations were fabulous for those who wanted to see for themselves how the treatments would feel for their customers and the benefits of their usage.

In conclusion, if you did not attend this year, be sure to attend next year because truly it is for those licensed professionals and students who want to be innovative in their technique!! Great time for all who attended!! America’s Beauty Show simply beautiful!! Check out their website for info on next year’s event!!


Author: WaughSome Group

The WaughSome Group is a consortium of businesses specializing in Social Media Management, Travel & Events freelance writing, Blog Talk Radio show, and Community Liaison for Non Profits

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