Maui was the beginning of the paradigm shift!!

In 2013, I traveled to Maui and it was the beginning of the paradigm shift in my mindset at the quality of life that I was living at that time.  Invited by my friend for over twenty years to travel with her and her daughter to visit what would be one of the most beautiful islands I could imagine visiting. I traveled from Chicago where many things that I had been going through were beginning to weigh heavily on my spirit and it wasn’t good.  Although, I was maintaining a smile on my face with a bit of happiness in my voice, the joy in my spirit was slowly draining.

I landed in Los Angeles before the final leg of my adventure as I bumped right into my friend and her daughter as I was coming out of the ladies room and since I had not seen her in many years it was one of the best hugs received from a friend and even better, we were on the same flight just a few rows apart.. She too was going through some life changes and this trip was to be the beginning of a healing process for both of us.

I knew her before she had a daughter so for me now to see how tall and beautiful her daughter had grown was exciting to see especially because now she was growing into a teen-ager. We boarded the plane and once in the air all my angst, tribulations, and all stress began to leave my body and mind. Seats and trays in an upright position, wheels up let’s go!

We flew over the big island with clear skies and lots of beautiful white fluffy clouds all the way to Maui. As you look out of the window of the plane you see ocean colors of blue and green in various shades knowing in your head once the plane lands, you will be frolicking in those shades of blue and green waters. Once we landed, the shuttle bus from the Grand Wailea (A Waldorf Astoria Resort) picked us up and we were on our way to paradise for five days!!

The hotel staff waiting on our arrival with a lei for each of us gave lots of Hawaiian love and we proceeded to the fabulous lobby where some of the most beautiful statues and art pieces were placed throughout the lobby amongst the other fabulous wall art pieces. We immediately checked into our rooms and once we semi-unpacked while oooohhhhhing and ahhhhhhing as we looked out over the balcony to see more of the resort property, we knew it was time to hit the bar, the pool, and the beach not necessarily in that order.

The entire trip was a blast!! We ate great food, did some kayaking which scared the bejeebus out of me because I had never did it before and I just remember screaming at my friend “we better not end up in another country!!” The most amazing sea life in the ocean was surrounding us the entire time but I think the it was the on the road to Hana where we stopped at a private beach where my appreciation and love for our beautiful sea life was the sea turtle sitting and relaxing on the beach where we stopped to have a break and take pictures.

Matilda Da Turtle

As we sat next to the turtle who I named Matilda, a conservationist was near by ensuring no one touched or harmed “Matilda” and as he saw our interest, he came over with lots of facts of how we as humans are destroying not only our land but also our sea. However, what I did realize while watching “Matilda” and frolicking in the ocean on this private beach was when the epiphany hit me hard, the quality of life is very important for peace of mind and spirit.

I am very thankful and appreciative with an attitude of gratitude that I was able to go on this trip. It helped me readjust my paradigm shift for the motivation to make changes in my life that would increase and enhance the quality of the life I was living and the people I allowed in my world.

Since this trip, many changes have been made and I have struggled with making the adjustments mentally on the changes but at least my spirit is returning back with an infusion of joy to conquer all challenges that come my way and not be overwhelmed by those challenges nor allow them hinder or determine my joy for the day!! I will be back someday soon for sure!!!



Author: WaughSome Group

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