What’s Going Down N Your Town?! The next time you travel why not include a cooking class on your Things 2 Do List? Let’s go 2 Tuscany, Italy

Italian cuisine is much like their language – there is a national language that every region speaks but every region has their own dialect that they speak between one another.


Cook, Eat, Play!! That’s the slogan of Cook In Tuscany!! If you have ever wanted to learn a new way of cooking it’s always fun to take a cooking class but what if you could incorporate your love of adventure with your love of being on vacation? For a week on a  medieval hill top village cooking delicious meals where the women of the village are masters of their art, food! They will endear you with their skills and laughter in the kitchen.  The teachers use the same recipes their grandmothers, or “Nonnas” as they say in Italy, used.  Nothing has changed for generations–this is the way women in Tuscany have cooked for hundreds of years.  Its magical to see Tuscan women cook!

You will have time to visit historical sights, cafes, shops, and other neighbors of the village along with Tuscany Wine Tours, Tuscany Villa Tours, Tuscany Bike Tours, Tuscany Day Tours.  If you’re looking for professional chefs, you won’t find them here. The classes are taught by the local Tuscan women.  Don’t look for electric appliances there are no food processors everything is done by hand.  The cooking school in Tuscany is like no other there are no fancy blenders or chefs in tall hats.  The kitchen is busy with wooden spoons and women who look and act like a distant family member.  Each woman teaches and entertains differently, each is unforgettable.  

Indulge yourself in the Tuscan lifestyle and discover the region’s passion for food and fun. Experience Tuscany and learn the basics of Tuscan cooking, stroll the narrow cobblestone streets of the medieval villages, shop at the city markets, cook with the local women, listen as the church bells ring, wander the gardens as you sip Vin Santo wine while you discover each view is better than the last.

Much more than a cooking school in Tuscany, join them for a hands on all inclusive culinary tour with daily cooking lessons from local Tuscan women, first class accommodations in the medieval hill top village of Montefollonico, visit the region’s wineries and cheese makers, daily tours of local and historic sites, recreational activities and more! Cook in Tuscany is a luxury culinary vacation for the traveler who wants to be a local, and not a tourist.

If you want a memorable vacation and want to learn a new skill while drinking fabulous wine, meeting new and wonderful people, and possibly learn a new language then schedule your date, make your reservations, grab your passport, and Cook, Eat, Play in Tuscany, Italy. For more information click here http://www.cookintuscany.com/home

Author: WaughSome Group

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