Career criminal scam artist Larry Lenard Lanier aka Navy Lanier is back in circulation. He needs to be on “American Greed” or “America Most Wanted”


Career Criminal Larry Lenard Lanier aka Navy Lanier has been a career criminal over 10+years and he is now back in circulation.  He has spent time in jail in both Georgia and Texas.  He currently resides in Houston, Texas with his current wife Cheryl Carr Lanier.  He has been reaching out to people using LinkedIn to connect with them via their inbox.  He offers new employment opportunities and investment opportunities in his company Mobile Fuel (Autoful).

He collects the personal information from those he has offered employment including signed offer letters.  Once he has the information, he then suddenly disappears using their personal information to open accounts.  He has reached out to several individuals to “invest” in his company. Once provides false documentation to investors and once they have invested their money, he disappears.  There are currently four lawsuits pending where he has defrauded them each out over $10,000.

His current wife is aware of his criminal behavior, she has been complicit in the behavior and notified of his investment fraud, and they are actively pursuing her as well to explain her role within his company since she is listed as the CEO of MobileFuel.  There are several breach of contract lawsuits pending as well by those he had “partnered” with for “new business”.

In addition, the company has an online registration program in which subscribers are entering personal information as well as credit card information.  Larry Lenard Lanier aka Navy Lanier has access to this information and he can now continue criminal behavior to utilize theft as a way to maintain his personal greed.


Larry Lenard Lanier aka Navy Lanier and his wife Cheryl Carr Lanier are a danger to society.  He is still in circulation committing high crimes and misdemeanors.  They include:

  • Investment fraud
  • Employment fraud
  • Breach of Contract
  • Identity theft
  • Debit/Credit Card fraud
  • Bogus Business Offering
  • Ponzi scheme/Pyramid scheme
  • Embezzlement
  • Securities Fraud
  • Mail Fraud

Below is an example of several of his brushes with the law in Georgia:

CountyFulton, GA: Larry Lenard Lanier 

Booking#: 1001274:

Charges: U/S SBPP ED514389

Booking#: 1238544

Charges: Deposit Account Fraud

SO#: P00670162 SO# P00670162
Booking Date:  01-14-2010 Booking Date: 10-05-2012
Released: 03/16/2010 Released: 10-07-2012
Warrant#: 33901MC

Booking#: 130492;

Issuing Authority: GA0600000;

Bond Amt: $5000;

Charges: Theft by Deception_SPC Hapeville PD, GA

Booking#: 1306689

SO#: P01039906

Bond Amt: $5000; $2500

Charges: THX Taking_SPC; Deposit Account Fraud_SPC

Booking Date: 02-15-2013 Booking Date: 03-02-2013
Released: 03-02-2013 Released: 03-03-2013
Booking#: 1325374

SO#: P0067016

Booking#: 9538504

Warrant#: 92841MC

SO#: P00670162

Charges: Theft By Taking; Deposit Fraud (Bad Checks) $1500 or more Charges: Theft By Conversion Gwinnett Co So
Booking Date: 09-08-2013 Booking Date: 12-14-1995
  Released: 12-15-1995

These are just a few of the crimes that has been committed and there needs to be a strong investigation into his latest criminal behavior to protect our society from someone with his ingrained criminal behavior.  Hopefully, there will soon be a resolution to those who have been defrauded.






Author: WaughSome Group

The WaughSome Group is a consortium of businesses specializing in Social Media Management, Travel & Events freelance writing, Blog Talk Radio show, and Community Liaison for Non Profits

1 thought on “Career criminal scam artist Larry Lenard Lanier aka Navy Lanier is back in circulation. He needs to be on “American Greed” or “America Most Wanted””

  1. This man is full of it. He just tried to scam me out of money one month ago. He’s out here scamming people, lying, etc. and media outlets (Voyage Atl- are singing his praises and glorifying him in media articles. The media and everyone else need to investigate this individual (Navy Lanier/Larry Lenard Lanier) before they start posting about his make believe life. It’s not fair that he’s out here scamming people out of their hard working earnings and fabricates his life to gain others’ attention/attract them to his business, so he can scan them as well. His wife is just as guilty as well. She’s no angel and is in on the scamming too.


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